Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for answers? We’ve responded to some of your most frequently asked questions below. If you need more details, we encourage you to read our student handbook. Of course, you can also call our front office with questions.

How do I enroll my child at North Cobb?

We are thrilled to welcome new members to our community! Please visit our district's Enrollment page for the information about enrolling your student. You may also download and print a copy of the enrollment form and bring the completed form, together with the required documentation, to our main office.

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Do you provide transportation services?

We are pleased to provide our students with safe, reliable transportation to and from school each day. We consider bus riding a privilege and expect all students to adhere to the rules for their own safety as well as for the safety of others. For information on bus policies, schedules, and routes, please visit our district Transportation page. You may also review our current bus lane assignments before the first day of school.

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What is ParentVue and how do I get a username and password to use it?

ParentVue is just another way we keep communication between home and school strong. It provides you with almost real-time access to your child's grades, attendance history, and other important information. If you do not have a ParentVue account or are unable to access your account after attempting to use the Forgot Password link, please contact our coordinator, Jacqueline Stapleton.

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What are the school hours?

Arrival: 8:00–8:15 a.m.
Tardy: 8:20 a.m.
Dismissal: 3:30 p.m.

To view the high school bell schedule, please visit the Our School page.

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What do I need to do if my student will be absent from school?

Students must turn in a signed excuse note within three days of returning to school or we will mark the absence "unexcused." For more information about attendance requirements, please refer to our attendance and tardy policy.

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What if my student needs to leave school early?

Drop off early release notes by 8:15 a.m. in the main attendance office (10-12) and Freshman Academy office (9), or email us at least two hours before student departure. Students must pick up early release passes between classes or during lunch; except in emergency situations, we will not dismiss a student over the intercom. A parent or guardian must sign out and pick up students at the front office. ANY adult (including a parent/guardian) who is NOT the Enrolling Adult must be listed as an emergency contact in order for the child to be checked out and released. Students with a valid driver's license who can drive themselves may leave campus with prior written permission from a parent/guardian and approval from the principal. Due to safety reasons, we do not accept checkouts over the phone.

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Do you enforce a dress code at North Cobb?

We expect that every student will maintain the level of personal hygiene and safety necessary to ensure a healthy school environment and will refrain from any mode of dress which is distracting to classroom instruction or which contributes to the disruption of the normal function of the school. The dress code applies to all school functions. North Cobb High School complies with the dress code policies of the Cobb County School District.  
School officials will make the interpretation of what is acceptable dress.   
 We consider the following types of clothing inappropriate at North Cobb: 
  • No headgear is to be worn in the school building during the school day.
  • Clothing or ornamentation, which advertises alcohol or substances that are illegal for minors, or which displays suggestive phrases, designs, markings, or profanities are also prohibited.
  • Clothing that displays weapons, violence, gang affiliations, or other logos that cause dissension is not permitted.
  • Backless or strapless dresses or shirts are not permitted.
  • We do not permit midriff shirts or blouses. 
    • Midriff areas must be covered so that no skin is exposed on the torso at any time on all sides. 
  • Appropriate undergarments must be worn, clothing must not reveal undergarments.
  • You may not wear tank tops, muscle shirts, or thin-strapped tops. 
    • Shirts/tops must cover the shoulder (shoulder should not be exposed).
  • Shorts, dresses, skirts, and slits must be fingertip length on all sides. 
    • Style and material may make certain garments inappropriate even at an appropriate length. 
  • Leggings and tights are not pants and may be worn only if covered by shorts, shirts, or skirts that extend to the end of the fingertips on all sides. 
    • Shorts, shirts, skirts, and/or dresses worn over leggings must be at the minimum length (to the end of the fingertips on all sides; front, sides and back).
  • All pants and trousers must be worn at waist level (no sagging or bagging). 
    • Holes must not be in areas exposing undergarments or in inappropriate areas. Belts should be fastened, and undergarments appropriately covered.
  • Students who are inappropriately dressed will be allowed to change clothes, to call home for someone to bring a change of clothes, or for permission to go home to change clothes and return to school for the first offense. Classes missed will be unexcused. Students unable to change will be assigned to an alternative classroom location. Repeat offenses will result in disciplinary action.
If in doubt, do not wear it!

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    What is the cell phone policy at North Cobb?

    We encourage all students to keep personal electronic devices at home, including cell phones. While we understand a parent's wish to stay connected to their student during the school day, we cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of any personal electronic device. If a student must bring a cell phone or other electronic communication device to school, it should remain powered off and/or in his/her locker during the school day. On occasion, a teacher may give special permission to utilize personal electronic devices during class time for research or interactive instruction, but all such instances will be communicated ahead of time. No student may access social media, record video, or take pictures during the school day.

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    Will my child have access to the Internet while on campus?

    Students can access the Internet for homework and school-related research from our computer lab and media center under the supervision of qualified school personnel. We require all students to abide by our Acceptable Use Policy. We expect our students to behave responsibly on school computer networks.

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    May my high schooler drive to and from school?

    Yes, and student parking is available with a parking permit. However, students may not drive any time during school hours including class breaks and lunch periods. Also, students may not sit in their vehicles during the lunch period. Please complete and return a parking application, truancy form, and review our parking lot procedures to ensure you have all of the required documentation to submit with your completed application.

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    How can I get more involved?

    We strongly encourage your involvement. We invite you to join the PTSA or School Council and make your voice heard! Parents can also support their child's education in some basic ways, including: 

    • Encouraging your child to get plenty of sleep
    • Offering a healthy diet, including a good breakfast (or getting your child to school early enough to eat breakfast in our cafeteria)
    • Helping your child get up in plenty of time for school
    • Providing neat, clean, comfortable clothes

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